Best Handheld Carpet Cleaner Reviews

Best Handheld Carpet Cleaner Reviews

Dust is our enemy. Handheld vacuum cleaner is a main tool in the fight against it. Choosing a new vacuum cleaner, everyone wants it to correspond to main requirement- to absorb dust well. However, for many modern vacuum cleaners, good suction of dust is not the only feature which should be noted.

Nowadays, a large number of different vacuum cleaners are represented in market of home appliances: different types, kinds, with different technical characteristics and from different manufacturers. How to choose a vacuum cleaner with such diversity? The only one that will suit you the most? Let’s try to figure out this.

  • Types of vacuum cleaners.
  • Type of vacuum cleaner is determined by kind of cleaning.
  • Depending on the type of cleaning, vacuum cleaners are divided into two types:
  • Vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning.
  • Vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning (or washing vacuum cleaners).

The first type (vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning) can be called traditional. It is represented in market most widely. This type of vacuum cleaner is used for bare floor, parquet, carpets, rugs, cabinet-work and upholstered furniture, clothing, so those items that are intolerant of moisture.

There are several types of vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning.

The main types are – balloon, vertical and combined vacuum cleaners.

Balloon vacuum cleaners are the most common in our apartments and houses. Most consumers prefer to choose this kind of vacuum cleaners. As a rule, they are not expensive and you can easily find them in any store of home appliances.
Balloon vacuum cleaners are divided into subtypes and they can be hand, compact and full-size vacuum cleaners.
Hand balloon vacuum cleaners have light weight and size. Most often these vacuum cleaners are used in small apartments and cars. It is easy to hide them in a closet, and they will not take up much space in trunk of car.
Compact vacuum cleaners have also light weight and size. It is easy to store or carry them. They are comfortable for cleaning and are not expensive.
The full-size vacuum cleaners are more solid. They have big dust bag, more functions, and they are equipped with additional brushes and nozzles, but of course they are more expensive.
Vertical vacuum cleaners have proliferated mainly in the US and Western Europe. Vertical vacuum cleaners are designed for cleaning large accommodations and offices. They clean the dust, rubbish and dirt better than balloon vacuum cleaners, they have a large dust bag, multi-level filtering system of effluent air, a large number of functions, they are easy to use, and also struggle with allergens. But they are quite noisy, cumbersome and expensive.
Combined vacuum cleaners combine the best qualities of each considered type of vacuum cleaners, but their use is convenient mainly when cleaning large areas of flat surface: stages, halls, corridors of institutions and hotels etc. At home, the use of such a vacuum cleaner is inconvenient and impractical.
The second type (vacuum cleaners for wet cleaning) can carry out dry and wet cleaning. They can disperse moisture and absorb it. Many of them can collect spilled liquids.
This type of vacuum cleaners is ideal for general cleaning of the house, washing the floor and windows, cleaning the carpets and upholstered furniture, cleaning of stone and tile. Volume of tank for clean water in washing vacuum cleaners varies from 2.3 to 10 liters. Volume of tank with liquid is usually more – from 5 to 20 liters.
The advantages of vacuum cleaners include the ability to deodorize and aromatize rooms, the possibility of cleaning the large dirt, the possibility of cleaning the blocked sinks or bath. Washing vacuum cleaners have higher efficiency of cleaning than “dry” vacuum cleaners. You have to clean with usual vacuum cleaner very other day, and with washing vacuum cleaner – once a week.

The disadvantage of washing vacuum cleaners is high price. They are large in size and heavy. They consume a lot of electricity and require additional expenses for cleaning remedies. These vacuum cleaners can’t clean natural fleecy carpets, flooring, furniture. After using them you need to take care of them (disassembly, washing, drying).

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