Right Time to Drink Detox Water for Cleanse and Weight Loss

Right Time to Drink Detox Water for Cleanse and Weight Loss

If this is your first attempt at detoxification, though you may know what its benefits are, you do wonder when you should preferably drink your detox water. There is actually no fixed time to drink detox water as you can drink it anytime of the day. However if you are detoxifying for specified goals, it’s better you time your detoxification.

How detox water helps

Water itself plays an important part in flushing your body of its toxins and waste. It helps in passing bowels and helps your GI tract eliminate waste from your stomach and intestines. Adding toxin-fighting ingredients to the water gives it an edge to keep you healthy. Choose toxin-fighting ingredients with lots of fiber in it like apples, cucumbers and citrus fruits like oranges, limes and lemons.

Fiber combines with the waste and quickly gets flushed from the body. Moreover, fiber prevents constipation and bloating by promoting better health and eliminating toxins from the digestive tract.

The antioxidants and the acidic quality of the fruits burn away fat in the food you eat to prevent your body from absorbing extra calories.

Benefits of detox water

Drinking soda, fruit juice, coffee and other commercial drinks contain sugar or artificial sweeteners, preservatives and artificial coloring. Detox water does not have any additives and uses fresh, organic and healthy ingredients.

Commercial drinks trigger health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and insomnia. Coffee keeps you up at night while too much of soda leads to diabetes. Detox water does not have any side effects but improves your health and is safe to drink.

Anyone can drink it, even those suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease where they are otherwise careful with their diet. It does not keep you awake at night or trigger any health conditions.

When to drink

If you want to drink detox water to lose weight, then it’s better drinking it before a large meal. Water with fat-burning fruits like watermelon, oranges or strawberries contains fiber which fills your stomach to make you feel satisfied before your meal. You end up eating less for breakfast, and thus make a step towards losing weight.

If you are doing a detox diet for improved immunity, drink small amounts of detox water throughout the day.  you could drink before breakfast, lunch and before bedtime. The small amounts of detox water give your body vitamin C and antioxidants which are vital for building body immunity and cleansing your body of toxins.

Now you know why and when you should drink detox water you may as well start drinking it for improved health and better immunity, and of course, detoxification!

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