Review of DEWALT DW745 Compact Job-Site Table Saw

Review of DEWALT DW745 Compact Job-Site Table Saw

The Dewalt DW745 10-inch compact job-site table saw provides 20 inches of rip capacity for handling large materials. The saw is compact and lightweight, offering optimal durability on the job. It has a tool-free guarding component for fast and accurate fence and component adjustments.

Its fence easily snaps into place and remains snapped for long once snapped in. This Dewalt saw is perfect for smoothly ripping hardwood flooring and other cutting jobs.

Portable saw with good cutting performances

This small sized, lightweight table saw is easily transported where required and offers one of the best cutting performances. It can be used for cutting various types of mitered molding, trims and for making cabinets requiring exact cuts.

Superb fence

Setting up the fence is so easy, which adds to the convenience and reasons for using this saw. It needs just a few minutes, and it’s really accurate once ready.

Consistent performance

Its 15 amp, high-torque motor delivers sufficient power to handle tough jobs like cutting hardwood and pressure-treated lumber. The saw has a 10-inch blade which spins at a no-load speed of 3,850 rpm to give a quick and clean cut.

Site-pro Modular Guarding System

The saw’s guarding system makes it so easy to set and use the saw for various applications. Its exclusive fence configuration comes with a 20” rip capacity while its rack and pinion fence rails offer smooth, fast and accurate fence adjustments

Added features

The saw also offers a maximum cut depth while its coated table surface reduces friction to provide for improved cuts across the board. The saw’s metal roll cage base is much stronger and durable than plastic bases.

Its on-board storage provides easy access to Site-Pro Guarding components and push stick while it’s 2 ½” dust collection port connects the saw to Shop-Vac to efficiently extract dust and give a cleaner work area.


  • 45 pound, compact table saw with optimized footprint offers absolute portability
  • Has a 3-year limited warranty, 90-day money-back guarantee and a year’s free service
  • Its 15-amp motor efficiently cuts any hardwood
  • 20” of maximum rip helps cut through various trim and large-sized shelving materials
  • Metal roll cage base protects against job drops and impacts and is more durable than plastic bases
  • Offers accurate, smooth and fast fence adjustments
  • Comes with 10” job site table saw, 10” 24-tooth carbide blades, push stick, miter gauge and blade guard
  • Tool free adjustments of guarding components as per each application
  • Fast, smooth and accurate fence adjustments using rack and pinion fence rails
  • Telescoping fence rails create a small and portable package once retracted
  • Saw can be leveled on uneven work surfaces using its adjustable rear feet
  • Reduced friction and smoother cuts because of its table coating
  • Bright LED light


  • Plastic, sloppy miter gauge is difficult to read
  • No stops for frequently used angles
  • Lacks dado capability
  • Turns on and off after 30-45 minutes of being switched on

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