Shiatsu Massage Cushion

Shiatsu Massage Cushion

A shiatsu massage cushion is placed on the back of the chair so the user can receive a total back massage while they sit. A person can get a massage while they watch television, work in the office or simply sit back and relax. This type of massager provides the user with the greatest coverage.

Various Styles of the Cushion

The style of a shiatsu massager can vary widely. A shiatsu massage cushion also comes in more than one style so a user can find the one that best matches what he or she needs. The most common type of shiatsu cushion is the full chair-back style. This style has a seat and full back so it can be positioned on a chair and provide a massage to the full back or just certain areas. These cushion massagers sometimes also come with heat options so the recipient can experience the dual benefits of a shiatsu massage and the heat the muscles need to help relax and feel better.

However, these arent the only styles available in cushion massagers. If a person only needs a localized massage rather than a full back massage, a smaller style of shiatsu massager can work best. This style of shiatsu massage cushion is often in the shape of a rectangle with a curved surface. A user can easily position this type of massager along the lower back or shoulders for a more localized massage.

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Shiatsu Massager Cushion Shapes 

Cushion massagers come in different shapes to best fit into just about any type of chair. While some of the different shapes relate to the areas covered by the massager and the options, some come in different shapes to fit certain types of chairs. For instance, if the user will use the shiatsu massage cushion in a shorter chair, he will need one that doesnt go up as high. A chair that has a narrow seat will need a shiatsu massager that has a thinner shape or possibly an hour-glass type shape.

Options to Consider

Each type of shiatsu cushion massager brings with it a variety of options to fit the users needs. The shiatsu massager can massage a variety of areas on the back. Some will massage the entire back, while others focus on particular trouble areas. Some massagers also include the heat option. Because there are so many available combinations, users should be able to find the massager that is perfect for their needs.

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