U shaped body pillow review

U shaped body pillow review

It is true that it’s difficult getting comfortable while pregnant. However a U shaped body pillow changes things as they are designed to mold comfortably to your shape. These pillows comfortably surrounds your entire body like a cocoon to relieve pressure in different parts of your body so that you needn’t toss and turn around to get a good night’s sleep.

With this pillow, you wake up free from body pains as it’s other features keep you comfortable and helps relieve common pregnancy and other ailment related aches and pains.

Proper spine alignment

The pillow is incredibly soft, making it so comfortable to sleep in, like you are sleeping in a cloud. It not only gives support to your extremities, it also keeps your spine in proper alignment, no matter which position you sleep in.

Gynaecologists especially recommend U shaped pillows to expectant mothers so that they can sleep on their sides. This improves blood circulation to reduce swelling in the legs and feet and also eases back pain. Moreover, the pillow is large and long enough to let pregnant women sleep in that position.

Not only can you use a U shaped pillow for better sleep, it can also be folded into a big U shape or a full circle to make a comfortable seat. What’s more, you can use this seat wherever you want, in the bed, sofa or floor.

Not only for pregnant women

The U shaped pillow is not only meant for pregnant women; even men and kids can use it to sit or sleep on. It’s helpful at providing relief to various health conditions like back pain, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.

U shaped body pillows are generally made of hypoallergenic fibre made of polyester polymer with a high resistance to heat. It’s easy to maintain as it withstands very high washing and drying temperatures. Moreover, there’s no risk of its fill clumping with repeated washing as it instead becomes softer and fuller with each wash.

The pillow also has a high quality, soft cotton or polyester case which usually unzips completely, making it easy to completely remove or put back the case. The manufacturers take care that the zipper is placed on the outside of the case so that it doesn’t rub against your body.

Prevents body aches

The pillow arms are firm enough for you to hug and squash anyway you want while it’s long enough for you to reach the knees and ankles on both sides of your body. The pillow evenly divides the weight of your arms and legs so that you breathe better and your muscles completely relax. It also removes uncomfortable and painful pressure from elbows and knees.

Once you use it you realize why so many people prefer sleeping in U shaped body pillows nowadays. If you have been used to sleeping in this pillow, and decide to sleep without it once, you will most probably wake up the next morning with aches and pains. While the pillow firmly prevents you from rolling onto your back, it’s soft enough to prevent any body aches in the morning.

The one and only major drawback of U shaped body pillows is that it takes up lots of space. So if your bed isn’t a king sized one, there’s a big chance your partner will not be able to get in bed with you! But some things in life are not free; you need to sacrifice your partner’s absence for a good night’s sleep!

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